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Ku & Kan in Chichibu

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What is Ku & Kan?

Ku & And, located in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, is a nostalgic and romantic place to have a good rest.  You can enjoy Japanese tea, Chinese tea, Black tea, Herb Tea, etc., and also some typical Japanese meals.  You may also enjoy microbiotics die if you ask in advance.  Also there is a place for “Shakyo” and “Shabutu“. The Buddhist practice of Shakyo is a means of spreading the Buddha Way among people. It is also for praying for the fulfillment of one’s greatest wish. But today, besides these overtly religious purposes, we can do shakyo in order to reflect on ourselves, or to attain mental well-being by mindfully tracing the sacred scriptures. It does not matter if one has faith in Buddhism or not, or if one’s writing is good or not.

Shabutsu is the practice of copying Buddhist images by hand, once used to spread the teachings before the printing press. Copying these images is now a form of meditation, to clear the mind and focus on beauty. Trace over the lines within the quiet tatami rooms.

There is a set menu, Shakyo or Shabuy and tea for 2 hours from 2000 yen.  Please contact by email (

Chichibu” is a small valley in the western part of Saitama prefecture renowned for its rich and varied historical and cultural heritage, historical sites.




埼玉県秩父市にある空&閑 (くうアンドかん)は、ノスタルジックでロマンあふれる空間のお休み処です。